Customized Pulverizing Solutions for Your Material Processing Needs

International Process Equipment Company (IPEC) offers a comprehensive line of Rotormill Pulverizers and Rotormill Spin Flash Dryers in a wide range of sizes and capabilities. Our machine capability includes 15 horsepower models through our largest machine having 700 horsepower. Our Rotormills Pulverizers are engineered, assembled, balanced, and tested at our own facility!

The pulverizing action of the ROTOR- MILL is supplied by a rotor which spins at high speed.

This rotor is supported by heavy duty bearings which are located at either end of the shaft. This provides the stability necessary for greater material loading while also extending bearing life. The bearings are out of the grinding cham- ber and are protected from contamina- tion.

The rotor itself consists of three sec- tions:

At the BOTTOM is a fan which provides the air ow for the grinding system. In addition, the fan helps to accelerate and distribute the feed material prior to the material entering the grinding chamber.

The CENTER section is the grinding part of the ROTORMILL. It consists of a number of rows containing grinding plates which accelerate the air causing it to react with the grooved lining of the ROTORMILL. This interaction creates miniature pockets of rotating air at very high velocities. This air stream causes the particles to collide with each other and disintegrate while the heat caused by the size reduction is instantly ab- sorbed by the rapidly moving air stream.

The TOP section of the rotor is the
classi er section or an optional Dynamic Air Classi er can be added. Finely ground mate- rial will pass through the classi er blades to collection while larger particles will be ung outward by centrifugal force into an adjustable recycle port for regrinding. The Dynamic Air Classi er speed may be changed to control the size particles that are rejected.

Adjustment of the grinding plates, the sytle of grinding plates, and air ow, permit the ne milling of a wide variety of materials at high production rates without the temperature rise normally associated with the grinding of ne powders. In fact, many heat sensitive ma- terials can be milled without cryogenic processing.

Industries Served

Pigments -Pesticides
Stearates -Carbonates
Oxides - Metallic Salts
Spices - Sugar
Wheat - Starch
Coffee - Casein
Bran - Husks
Coal - Clay
Mica - Limestone
PVC - Rubber
Thermosets Resins
Waste Recovery
Electronic Scrap
Wire and Cable
Plastic - Foil
Wood - Peat
Fibers - Waxes
Cellulose - Waste